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When it comes to travelling, all of us have numerous thoughts and memories running through our minds. Whether it is our favourite destination or a city we dream of going to in the future, the thought of travelling evokes numerous feelings and emotions. No matter who we are and what we do, everyone has travel memories that may be related to a solo or group trip, a beach or a hill station, a place where we made numerous memories and would love to relive it all. 

Everybody indeed has different tastes when it comes to the destination they would like to travel to and what it is that will make their trip a successful and memorable one. While I love the serenity and calm of hill stations, you might like the sunbathing and rush of beaches. Similarly, while some would like to go on a road trip no matter how far the destination is, some of us prefer taking a trip to nearby locations. All of these decisions also depend on who we are going with, which time of the year it is, what is the reason for us taking the trip, and many more factors. 

In case you are confused or are looking to get some clarity before you make your final decision, you can try travel sites like Marriott. If you are going on a trip, you might as well make it worth the wait, effort, and money. You are only just human and you cannot make all decisions that are correct and perfect. Sometimes, it is okay to take some help from travel sites and let them suggest to you what may be best for the type of trip you plan to take. Going on a trip means you want to live your life to the fullest and you want to explore things that you never have before. For this reason, make sure you settle for nothing but the best! 

In case you feel that I may not be doing justice in explaining to you the importance and essence of travelling from time to time, let me give it a shot with a personal experience that I recently went through with my best friend. Straight out of college, both of us had recently completed our Masters and were now job hunting. While I got a job in the same city we were located, my best friend got a great opportunity abroad. It was too good to give up and so she decided to relocate. 

While I was happy for her, both of us were extremely terrified of this long-distance friendship. We had been neighbours and best friends for about 15 years now and had loved both our school and college life together. When her joining date was about a month away and she had to move to another city in 3 weeks times, I decided to surprise her with an impromptu trip! I planned everything with her parents, got their permission, and told her on the day we had a flight to catch. 

So Jessica  had an arrange marriage and after suffering from   often arguments with her in-laws and spouse due to less interaction with them she and her husband decided that they will plan a trip every quarter and monthly outing with family members and weekend lunches with friends and she actually realized that her connection with new family and him is actually improving and those often arguments now started turning into all-time laughing over those outing memories.


This was a trip we had been planning for years now. It was once in a lifetime experience, and both of us got the much-needed closure before she left for another city. On the last day of our trip, both of us made a pact to take such spontaneous trips every other month. Even if it means taking a leave from our office or just going for a quick weekend getaway, these trips are the only way that this friendship will stay the same. This was also the moment I realised the power of travelling.

One thing my friend could not believe was how flawlessly I had planned the trip in much less time! She joked about how I was always the unorganised one but this time I outdid myself. This is one I introduced her to Omio. While I had used this travel site to book flights earlier, this time I availed its remaining features. To begin with, I talked to a travel expert at Omio who helped me decide on the best city according to our likes and preferences. The agent also sent me a detailed email on how we can plan our itinerary and what are the best tourist attractions we can visit.  

Since this was also the peak travel season, I checked out numerous travel sites for the best prices. However, it was Omio that provided me with the best discounts and reasonable prices on both our flight and hotel. Courtesy of Omio, we also got a package with all complimentary meals at our place of accommodation.

Through these experiences, I have successfully proved two things. The first and the most important one is that travelling not only opens you up to a new perspective, but it also helps maintain relationships and bonds. Finally, I realised that in this era where doing everything online is the new normal, planning and executing trips has now become very easy and convenient. All we have to do is utilise these travel sites and make the most of the numerous efficient features they offer! 

Mumbai is referred regarded as the “city that never sleeps,” and you must go there to verify this! However, Mumbai offers some remarkable offerings and perspectives, whether it’s day or night. People who have lived here just like the city’s pulse, and they claim that everyone should experience that at least once in a lifetime. Mumbai kind of grows on you. The island, which is appropriately referred to as the caprice city of India, is surrounded by water on three sides and is packed with magic, adventure, beautiful scenery, hot celebs, and much more. And if you’re travelling by car from Ahmedabad to Mumbai, you shouldn’t be concerned at all! Surprisingly well maintained, the road and lanes from Ahmedabad to Mumbai make the journey a delight, as well as the booking, has done Carvana with make your journey so smooth.

From Ahmedabad to Mumbai, a road trip might be convenient and achievable. especially if you have a car rental or buy a used car from Carvana that is well-maintained and affordable. We hope you enjoy this incredible tour of a city that unquestionably has a lot to offer to each visitor. Make sure to appreciate the city’s nuances fully. Carvana is an online-only used car hub that connects people to thousands of preowned vehicles in their area.

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