Top Tips For First Time Flyers: A Handguide

Are you traveling via flight for the time? If yes, then there are certain things that you need to take care of because expeditions with flights can be challenging. But if you follow the steps carefully you will be able to have a perfect vacation. Whether you are going on a domestic or international holiday some things need your notice. When I took flight for the first time I was pretty messed up with the thought of arranging so many things. 

But, you won’t face the same problem because I am here to provide you the guidance about all the things you have to prepare. From booking your tickets to boarding the flight I am here for you. But for this, you need to follow the steps so that you can enjoy your holiday with ease. So where are you planning to go? Haven’t you decided yet? Before anything, you need to plan your destination and then fix your dates so that you can book your flights from Jazeera Airways

Then you just have to book your flights. Once you are done with all these things then you are ready to take off! So, let me help you understand what will be your key steps to take before and after boarding your flight. 

Tips for People Flying for the First Time

Are you feeling nervous about your flight? Set your worries aside and just follow us through our guide step by step if you are flying for the first time. You can get insights about all the things you have to take care of. Here is a guide for you to understand 

Get Travel Documents Ready

Since you are traveling for the time, then you have to start by getting all documents prepared. This is one of the most vital steps to be taken into consideration. Without your travel documents, you won’t be able to board the flight and be given entry. You have to apply for a passport so that you can board the flight. If the country requires VISA then you have to apply for it as well. With all these things you need to keep a copy of all the documents in case of an emergency. You can check all details from Jazeera Airways.

Take Care of Baggage 

When you are booking your flight you need to read all the instructions related to the baggage. You need to check how much weight you can carry on the flight. The size of the bag and weight will be given to you and it is essential to maintain it. If the bags are overweight than the assigned pounds then you can be charged extra for that. There can be a situation in which either you have to take the stuff out or pay for it. So, it is essential to pack the important things

Arrive Early at the Airport

This is the most important thing for all the first-time flyers. It is said that you have to reach the airport 2 hours before the flight departure. but it is always better to reach the airport early so that you can have things in your hand. If you are early then you will be able to go for the process stress-free. This will avoid all the last-minute worries. 

Head to Airline Desk

This is something very essential for you to do. When you arrive at the airport you have to go to the airline desk. Here you need to show the tickets, passport, travel documents, and other essential documents. This will help you confirm your seats. Once all the documentation work is done then go to the check-in section where your bags will be checked. Also, you can get the information about last-minute updates. 

Work With the Security Checking Patiently

Going through security can be stressful especially if you are going from economy class. You just have to deal with patience and cooperate with them. But if you are going to business class then it will be easy for you to travel around. 

Head to the Boarding Gate

The next thing that you have to do is to go towards the boarding gate. But if you are traveling for the first just ensure that you are checking the monitors so that you can note the changes. If you have any problem reaching there then you can stop and ask. They are present for your assistance. Once you reach the boarding gate you will be called out when boarding of the flight starts. 

Board the Flight Carefully

When you are going to board the flight there are some of the things that you need to take care of. You need to check that you have all your belongings with you. Once you are on the flight you have to check your seat and row which is mentioned on your ticket. You can keep your bag in the chamber above your head. Then grab the assigned seat and wait for take-off. 

Inflight Entertainment

Don’t think you will be bored on the flight. There is inflight enjoyment available so that you can enjoy your journey. But the type of entertainment will depend on which flight you are taking. If you are going on a luxury flight you can have your entertainment system. But for others, there is no surety that the flight will give you any entertainment optionals. But we recommend music choices, magazines, podcasts, etc. Also, you need to carry noise-cancellation buds so that you can avoid the noises and remain peaceful. 

Food and Drinks on the Flight

Once the flight takes off! you will be served with meals and drinks but it depends on what type of class you are traveling in. For this, you need to pay while you are booking your tickets. If you are traveling from business or first class then they are given for free. Else you need to pay for whatever you are taking. Here is a tip for travelers, keep a credit card with you as cash is not acceptable. You can get all these details from Jazeera Airways.

First-Time Flyers List

If you are flying for the first time then certain things should be present with you. Here is the list that needs to be cross-checked. 

  • Identity Card (ID Card)
  • Boarding Pass
  • Hard Copy/ Soft Copy of the Ticket
  • If you are online check-in then it should be done 24 hours before arriving at the airport
  • Bring Foreign Currency (If required)
  • Dress in comfy attire
  • Have travel insurance in case of an international flight (it is important)
  • Switch off your phones or put on airplane mode
  • Enjoy your flight and stay hydrated

Not-to-do Tips

  • Don’t forget to keep the essential things
  • never overpack things in your bag
  • Never wear uncomfortable/ heavy clothes
  • don’t forget to keep your noise-cancellation Bluetooth.
  • Don’t carry liquid things in your bag
  • Check your passport date


These are the tips that you can follow when you are going on a flight for the first time. All the passengers who are traveling on the flight for the first time need to ensure that you are following all these tips so that you can have a great journey. 

The first thing is to pick a destination and book your tickets from Jazeera Airways. Once you are done with this, just ensure that you are packing all the stuff carefully. Plan your holiday soon and have a safe take-off.

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