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If you are a traveller eager to explore the entire city, a comfortable, restful night’s sleep is essential. Our list of the hippest hotels in Tokyo will assist you in doing so. Tokyo is a city where ultramodern and traditional coexist. In addition to historic sanctuaries and the Imperial Palace, the busy Japanese capital is dotted with neon-lit skyscrapers. The streets and squares are filled with museums, art galleries, and theatres in addition to grand malls and boutique retail centres. Tokyo is unquestionably unique and a must-see global being the best hotel-booking site worldwide, offers several discounts on budget hotels as well.

Artist Hotel – BnA STUDIO 

are cool Tokyo accommodations. Akihabara

As an Artist Hotel features a creative design complemented by vibrant hues. The studio accommodations are extremely spacious and have a hostel-like atmosphere. Each apartment is uniquely designed. If one has an adorable bunk bed, the other has appealing graffiti walls.

All accommodations are spacious and equipped with a seating area, microwave, flat-screen television, and private toilet, Given its spectacular colour scheme, this is the most popular hotel in Tokyo among couples.

Here is The List One Of The Best Hotels In Tokyo

1. Sadachiyo

Sadachiyo is yet another one of Tokyo’s hip hotels located in the city’s centre. The Ryokan is renowned for its traditional Japanese interior design, traditional minimalist furnishings, and cosy atmosphere.

With futon bedding, low ceilings, and/or tatami-mat floors, these chambers are quintessentially Japanese. Each has a private toilet, a flat-screen television, a closet, and a safe. In addition to the Zen-style design, these rooms also feature a tokonoma space.

2. Andon Ryokan

Andon Ryokan is a well-known designer hotel in Tokyo with stylish rooms featuring traditional tatami, or woven-straw floors, and a refined wooden interior. Each room at the Andon Ryokan is equipped with a television, DVD player, and futon bedding.

Traditionally constructed, they lack sinks, lavatories, and showers.

The bathroom and toilets are located in the communal central area of each floor. An artistic jacuzzi area is also accessible!

The complete property provides a variety of amenities for its guests, including a bar, launderette, terrace, restaurant, and Western breakfast with vegan options. Classes in tea ceremonies and flower arrangements are also available.


HOSHINOYA guarantees an authentic Japanese experience within its towering structure with a dark lattice exterior and leaf-like patterns, or komon. The ryokan’s outdoor grounds feature a tranquil Zen Garden with boat-shaped stone benches and several ikebana-style containers.

The hotel’s interior features spacious rooms, a reading lounge, a hot spring bath supplied by a natural source 1,500 meters beneath Tokyo, a restaurant serving dishes inspired by lesser-known Japanese delicacies, and a fitness centre. Each room features an electric teapot and a flat-screen television.

4. Hotel New Otani Executive House Zen In Tokyo

The New Otani Hotel provides opulent lodging. Its decor is inspired by Japanese calligraphy and features black accents, ink-on-paper carpets, and similar wallpapers. The hotel features 87 elegantly appointed accommodations and eight luxurious suites. Each chamber is decorated with elements of nature, such as miniature rocks, bonsai trees, and bamboo. Suites are furnished with massage stations for in-room therapy. Each has a private bathroom with a bidet and Jacuzzi. The majority of accommodations provide expansive cityscapes or garden vistas.

The expansive Japanese zen garden with a waterfall may be what makes this hotel one of the best in Tokyo. The garden has a history of over 400 years and was formerly owned by several well-known samurai nobles. In addition to a swimming pool, water sports, an airport shuttle, and numerous restaurants and cafes, the property features a swimming pool.


TRUNK offers a variety of perks to its visitors, including opulent accommodations and gourmet cuisine. Its elegant black façade complements the well-lit, glass-doored, minimally-lit rooms with white bedding and glass doors. It is not surprising that TRUNK is considered one of the trendiest hotels in Tokyo. The carpeted accommodations offer soundproofing, a flat-screen television, and a minibar. The attached restrooms are stocked with bathrobes and toiletries. There are also accommodations with private terraces, balconies with views, and outdoor dining areas. In addition to a restaurant, garden, laundromat, and lounge, the hotel offers room service for added searches hundreds of hotel booking sites to help you find hotels and book hotels that suit you best.

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